Chinese Studies Blogs

Fairbank Center's Director's Blog
Author: Mark Elliott, Others
Manchu Studies Group Blog
Author: Assorted Authors
Notes on China
Author: Assorted Authors
A blog run by the graduate student affiliates of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University. Covers all periods and disciplines.

Digital Humanities Blogs

Matthew L. Jockers
Author: Matthew Jockers
Sapping Attention
Author: Ben Schmidt
"Digital Humanities: Using tools from the 1990s to answer questions from the 1960s about 19th century America."
The Dragonfly's Gaze
Author: Cristof Schöch
"Computational approaches to literary text analysis"
The Stone and the Shell
Author: Ted Underwood
"Historical questions raised by a quantitative approach to language."


Author: Haun Saussy
"Media, Culture, Politics, Academic Life, Weasels"